Ya estamos en United Kingdom

Otro año, otro país, miles de experiencias por vivir... Os preguntaréis, ¿dónde? En Reino Unido, en Newquay, Cornualles.

Nuestros alumnos van a pasar la primera semana estudiando Inglés en Babel Fish y la segunda semana conociendo a nuevos compañeros ingleses en St Columb Minor (Primaria) y en Treviglas Academy (Secundaria). Desde el primer día compartirán la vida inglesa con sus familias anfitrionas. ¡Qué suerte poder hacer esta inmersión lingüística!

Another year,  another country, thousands of experiences to live... You'll wonder, where? The UK,  in Newquay, Cornwall.

Our students are spending the first week studying the English language at Babel Fish school and the second week meeting new English classmates at St Columb Minor School  (primary) and at Treviglas Academy (senior). From day one they will share the English life with their host families. How lucky to be able to do this linguistic immersion!

[7/7] Farewell... We had a safe journey back to Valencia. We will miss you beautiful Cornwall!

[6/7] Today to end our wonderful 14 day trip to Newquay we visited the Cornish city of Truro. We spent the day walking around the main streets, visiting the cathedral and going shopping. As a finishing touch we played in Boscawen Park. What an exciting experience to keep in our memories forever!!!

[5/7] Another hot day in the UK it could be home! After our last day at school we went to the beach for a barbacue. We had a great time playing on rocks, in a cave and playing ball. Happy memories made!

[4/7] More lessons at school in the morning and in our free time a coastal walk in Newquay. It has been fantastic!!! What incredible views...

[1/7] Today our students attended St Columb Minor School for the first time. They have met new classmates and they have learnt different subjects. They enjoyed meeting English pupils and they got on extremely well with them. The older students went to the Secondary school Treviglas. When they finished we all went to the cinema to see Toy Story 4. A great day was had by all!!!

[30/6] Today the sky was over coast and this morning there was mist and fog. But little bit we know by the afternoon we will be walking to the Amazon Rainforest. Today we visited the Eden Project. There, two enormous greenhouses have been built recreating the South American and Mediterranean climates.

[28/6] Today we visited the local school and the Head teacher gave us a tour. The way English people learn is fastinating. To finish a great day we surf, surf and surf at Great Western Beach.

[27/6] The British are calling the heatwave the Spanish plume, yesterday temperatures rose to 36 degrees, it felt like home but the surroundings were completely different. We studied in the morning and in the afternoon we walked into town and bought souvenirs. In the evening we met at school and played Babel fish quiz, it was great!

[26/6] Anothet day in paradise...
Our students have spent a very nice time playing games on Tolcarne Beach.
At the beginning the water was quite cold after a while they enjoyed swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.

[25/6] Today we've been walking around the beautiful town center trying to solve The Treasure Hunting. We had lots of fun! To finish the day we watched the amazing film Chasing Mavericks.

[25/6] Yesterday after a brief walk into town we arrived at Great Western beach. The sea was impossibly blue and the water was almost transparent, we couldn"t believe it Cornwall is not at all like the England you would expect. We surfed for two hours but wish we have done it for a longer. We had meals with host families and then went bowling. We watched the sun go down over Newquay's beautiful river: The Gannel.

[24/6] We arrived last night in cloud but as we drove to Newquay the clouds parted and the sun broke through. Today the children are having lessons with teachers from Babel Fish.



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