Los alumnos de 5º y 6º  de Primaria ya estamos en Irlanda

[2/7] Our happy end!!! We are already in the plane. We will arrive at 23:30 to Valencia. Bye!!!!

[14/6] We have been visiting Athlone castle. We have learnt about its culture and how Irish people used to live in this castle. It has been very interesting and we have had a lot of fun!!!

[15/6] Today we went to The Planet and we played bowling. It was great fun!!! Also we walked near the river Shannon. The views were amazing!!!

[17/6] We had a great afternoon at the cinema. We watched The mummy, it was so scaryyyy!!!! Today we went to Cliffs of Moher and Galway. We were amazed with the views and the landscape! Also the weather has been fantastic!!!

[18/6] We visited the city of Dublin. We went to the Trinity College. We walked around O'Connell and Grafton street the two main streets for shopping. Also we saw the Temple bar, the Hard Rock and many other places. At the end of the day we went to the Archeological Museum where we saw mummies!!!! It has been another great day!!!!

[19/6] It's been a beautiful day here in Monaghan. The sun was shining brightly and temperature was quite warm. The day begun with English lessons in St. Joseph Pastoral Centre, where students met their new teacher Dessy. After the lessons, they went out into the street and had lunch together. In the afternoon, it was time for Pitch and Putt, a very popular Irish sport similar to golf but played within shorter distances. Children have really enjoyed the experience of discovering this new sport, and they've had a very nice time all together.

[20/6] We cycled 16 km over and back to Dun na si , a very nice park. We travelled on an old railway track surrounded by beautiful landscapes with cows , sheep and green everywhere!!! It was a great challenge and we've done it!!! We are exhausted but very happy!!!!
After school we played Irish sports. It has been very interesting and we've had so much fun!!!

[21/6] Today was a very fun and intense day. As usual, students have had English lessons in the morning in St. Joseph's Pastoral Centre and, after that, they've visited the Monaghan County Museum. In the afternoon, they have learned Gaelic football with their teacher Dessy Mone, professional player of Monaghan's team, who has guided them in the discovery of this new sport.

[21/6] Yesterday afternoon was also very busy, as we went to Monaghan Leisure Complex to enjoy its huge swimming pool. Students enjoyed it a lot, especially the amazing water slide.

[22/6] Today we visited the Athenry Arts and Heritage Centre in the medieval walled town of Athenry. We set against a picturesque backdrop of the 13th century medieval church ruins. We Learned about life in Norman Ireland by dressing up in medieval costume, we watched weaponry demonstrations and we visited the medieval market square. We went into a mace and we had archery competition. It has been a wonderful day!!!

[22/6] Today was a different day in Monaghan. The unusual warm weather of these previous days has almost disappeared, giving way to intermittently rain during all day. After English lessons, students participated in a selfie quiz in Peter's Park, where they had lots os fun taking pictures. After dinner, we met together at Apache for an ice-cream. Finally, we met together at Apache for an ice-cream.

[23/6] Hello again!!! We spent the day today in Summerhill school. We participated in a team building with other students. We played together to win the different events. We had a great time!!!

[24/6] Yesterday we had a very good day in Monaghan. In the morning we visited the Monaghan sport facilities, where students played Gaelic football and Irish handball. After that, they participated in a Talent Show performing dancings and comedy. The day finished with some free time for shopping at Monaghan shopping centre.
Today we had a great day in Dublin. When we arrived in the city, we had lunch at Phoenix Park, besides the huge Pope John Paul II cross. Then, we visited the city on foot, walking by O'connell and Grafton Street, visiting the General Post Office, the Millenium Spire, the Molly Mallone Memorial and Trinity college. We also found some time to enjoy shopping and dress up like a real Irish Leprechaun.

[24/6] Today we went for the second time to Dublin. We took the train from Athlone and when we arrived there we took the tram. It was very exciting!!! After that, we walked to St Stephen's Green Park and other important streets nearby. Then we met our classmates from 5th grade in Grafton Street, it was very nice to see them. To finish the day we went to the Wax Museum and we had a lot of fun!!! Now we can say we know many things about the city capital of Ireland, Dublin. We love it!!!

[26/6] Hello again!!! Today we moved to a new school the Marist. We met new students and we were distributed in different groups to make the different activities. We are going to spend our last week here.

[27/6] Today after our English lessons at school we went to Belvedere House Gardens and Park, that is a magnificent 160 acre Lakeside restored Georgian Villa designed in 18th century. We took many pictures, walked around the gardens and had fun in the zip line. What a great day!!!

[28/6] After the day in school we went to play pitch and putt. We could finish playing because when we were in the last hole it started to rain. We were very lucky and we had a great time!!!

[29/6] Today the activities after school were archery and canoeing!!! We sailed in the Shannon river and it had been great!!! Also we celebrated Pablo's saint day and we went to Burger King to have dinner. Another fantastic day to keep in our memories!!!

[30/6] Today we went again to the cinema. We saw Despicable me 3. We love it!!! Tomorrow we go to visit the beautiful town of Kilkenny!!

[1/7] Our trip has come to an end. So today we went to Dunmore caves and to the beautiful city of Kilkenny. We visited the castle and walked around this amazing city . It was a nice end to our visit to Ireland, we will keep these days forever!!!

[2/7] Our happy end!!! We are already in the plane. We will arrive at 23:30 to Valencia. Bye!!!!



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